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– how you may become a volunteer and activate in Vox Civica Association.
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Vox Civica is experienced in a wide range of non governmental activities which it provides free, and, also, holds professional expertise in various domain of interest for you, starting from consultancy for reimbursable financings to organizing trainings and mobilities as well as business counsultancy, grafic design and audio-video editing.

Free Counseling

We provide free counseling in many fields of interest for you

Counseling is free!

Our counselors are at your disposition for providing your information, counseling, advice you need for solving issues in many fields of interest for you.

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of quality services for our beneficiaries!

Best services for you!

Our specialists are ready for offer your the best services in a wide range of domains of interest for you.

Training and Mobility

Training courses in Romania will be an mesmerizing experience!

Come in Romania!

Quality of our experts, Romanian cuisine and our amazing landscapes will offer you delightful moments and an unforgettable experience.

At this moment, our team is involved in three Erasmus+ projects, two of them within Strategic Partnerships and one in Mobilities for Adult Education. For more information about them, please click below on the icon that mention the name of the project.
We inform you, as well, we submitted, more projects, some as Applicant and other as Partner, in the last Erasmus+ session and now we are waiting their evaluation. We hope they will be succesful applications and will be implemented both in the benefit of our target groups, as well as of our members!

Mobility project - 2024

In this project Vox Civica is applicant and partner is a provider of digital adult education training from Türkiye

Through this project the digital skills of four Vox Civica members will be increased!

The productivity of our work will be adapted to the new conditions of the digital era!

New Generation of Roma Youth !

In this project, Vox Civica is partner along with other three NGOs from Spain (applicant), Bulgaria and Türkiye)

Fighting with the mentalities is one of the most difficult challenges for our times!

Through this project, we want to change the mentalities of young Roma people in four European countries!

Empowering digital transformation of senior musicians!

In this project we are partner with NGOs from Bulgaria (applicant) Spain and Türkiye

Senior musicians will increase their digital knowledge and skills!

In this project, senior musicians from four European countries will learn how to use digital tools to improve their audience on digital platforms

We introduce you our team! All of them are old members of Vox Civica and they are specialized in the fields of interest of our organization, such as: education, labour market, new technologies, human rights, social and psychological counseling etc.
Click on their photo and you will be redirected toward their personal presentation, including a CV in Europass form.

Here are some of the opinions of our beneficiaries in our mobilities and educational projects implemented in the last years.

„It was my first experience together with teachers from other European countries, at the same course. It was very interesting and fun, the location was excellent, as well, the accommodation and meals. Vox Civica deserves congratulation for the way it managed to organize these mobilities!”


„For me was a very interesting exprience taking into account the things we learned, the people and places we known, the agreable conditions in which we spent together with other teachers around Europe. Thank you, Vox Civica, it was pleasent and fun!”


„Our students from poor families were impressed by the clothing and shoes, as well as by the sweeties they received on Christmas Eve, as a present from the Santa Claus, offered by Vox Civica within the project we implemented together”


”It was very nice for everyone, I think. Many new places, many new people, a lot of knowledge we aquired, new friendships, new experiences….As well, the meal and accommodation were excellent! Thank you, Vox Civica, we waiting for other mobilities to organize!”

„This project and the activities we implemented in the benefit of poor students in our school was a helping hand for them and for their families: the fact they prepared heir homeworks together, during the„ after school ”activities reduced considerably the risk of dropout and the school failure”


Our site keep you up to date with news about Vox Civica activities and projects, news about civil society activities and in NGO area, such as, open calls, partnership proposals, launching of guides for applicants etc.
Stay informed by accessing our website!



A new mobility project for teachers in three high schools in Buzau!

By |October 16th, 2020|Categories: News|

  In 14th October this year, the representative of the Vox Civica Association, attended to the information and counseling meeting in the field of adult education organized online (on the Zoom platform), by the [...]

Since we started our activity, constantly, we tried to attract various partners in our activities, in our projects. And that not only because was imposed by the application but also because we wish to use, in the benefit of our target groups, all the good experiences of other partners, either NGOs, school institutions, local authorities or other organizations.
We can say we developed in the last years dozens of partnerships with local, national and european entities, the most of them within Erasmus+ Program.


On our website we can`t mention all these organizations or institutions nor we can`t to put their logos with links towards their websites.
We have done a selection of the Partners, either that they are partners in our projects or are our financiers, taking into account the activities we which we have done and how often we worked together.
So, we appologize to other our partners for the impossibility, phisically, to mention all our partners on site.

Here, we present you some statistical data about activities we developed in the last years, starting with 2014 year. Even if they are not impressive, they can make you understand that we are dedicated to our goals and to our work.

Countries implicated
Partnerships developed
People involved
People trained
Projects implemented
Courses organized

Our site keep you up to date with news of interest for you, not only about Vox Civica activities but also from NGO area such as, open calls, partnership proposals, launching of guides for applicants etc.

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