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In the last six years, Vox Civica was involved in many projects within Erasmus+ Program, both as Applicant and as Partner.
At this moment, we are implementing more many projects within Erasmus+ both in Mobility projects as well as Strategic Partnership projects (as they were named within the last financial exercise of the European Comission 2014-2020).
Due to the pandemic situation at global level, many activities were posponed and we have to draft additional papers to our financing contracts in order to extend the limit date for implementation of the projects.
For additional information about the implementation of the ongoing projects, please click the above button „Ongoing projects”!

vox civica project1


Since was set up, Vox Civica implemented more projects having as financiers various institutions, public and private, Romanian or foreign.
Many of them were financed within Erasmus+ Program, the most being Strategic Partnerships.
As well, we implemented projects financed by Open Society Institute, Fundation for the Civil Society Development, in Romania, Buzau Municipality Local Council, National Agency for Roma etc.
For find out more about these projects, please acces the above button „Completed projects”.

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