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Claudiu Călin, the ITC professional of Vox Civica, is a native Roma individual. He is married, has one child. He graduated Business Management at National School for Politic and Administrative Studies – in Bucharest, graduation exam being hold to the West University in Timișoara.

Since 2010, student being, started to work as volunteer within Vox Civica projects. At the beginning he achieved secretarial activities but finally he specialized himself in ITC field by dealing with the communication and visual identity of the organization (logo, up-dating the website, photo-video-audio records, necessary templates within association etc.).

Claudiu, was involved, as well, within other projects too, particularly in the projects developed by Romani CRISS Foundation and Forum Art Association. Within these projects he has hold the education counselor position. 




He is passionate by cars and ITC and he made a hobby by this, almost all his free time being dedicated to this passion, after other duties inside the family or within Vox Civica activities. This passion for cars and for driving, has determine him to work as lorry professional driver in Belgium for a couple of months.



Since May 2021 he started working as advisor of the Mayor of Buzău Municipality for ITC and new technologies, especially for implementing new school technologies within the schools and high schools in Buzău Municipality.


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