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Andreea Elena Țurcan is our  professional in Social Asistance and she is, as well, a native Roma person. She graduated Sociology and Social Assistance Faculty in Bucharest, having also, a master degree in Probation.

Right from set up of Vox Civica Association, in 2010, she became a passionate voluntary of the organization being involved in many activities and projects. Since then, Andreea is continue to work in Vox Civica doing secretarial activities, field activities, organizing events and other necessary activities for the association.



Student being, Andreea was hired at Buzău Municipality as local expert for Roma issues, within a project financed by european funds and implemented by National Agency for Roma. From 2011 she became employee with permanent statut of the Municipality. She is, as well, one of the core staff of Vox Civica, being skilled in many activities we implement in various projects.

She managed to solve many personal issues of Roma regarding the identity papers and properties documents for the Roma or other poor people in Buzău Municipality who do not own property or identity documents. Since 2010, Andreea still continue to work within Buzău Municipality as local expert for Roma issues, being an important person in relations between local authorities and Roma people.

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