Between 28th May – 01th June, current year, Vox Civica representatives attended to the Partner Meeting in Athens (Greece) within Roma Health Care project, in Erasmus+ Program.
The goal of the meeting was to assess the level of implementation and the stage of the Intellectual outputs developed within the project.
Were debated the following aspects:
– was present the draft of the Curriculum on which basis will be prepared the Health mediators;
– was revised the training material developed till now;
– were presented and debated the results of the survey made among Roma people in participant cities in order to identify the health level of this minoriry (ranking of activities);
– was introduced the structure of the Local Action Health Plans and the tasks of each Partners.
As well, at the end of the meeting was organized a visit of the Roma Camp of Halandri (a small locality near Athens).
The next Partner meeting will take place in Belgrad (Serbia) in November, current year.

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