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ROMINKO II – Partner Meeting in Romania

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On 11th April 2019, in Bucharest, at the headquarter of Romanian Agency for Roma, started the second Partner Meeting within ROMINKO II project. To this activities all the Parners attended with two representatives. Taking

Roma people are available to learn

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            Buzau County School Inspectorate, in partnership with Vox Civica Association, organized on March 28 th a.m. an event to inform and promote  "RomABC - the Next Dimension" project

The new ROMINKO project starts!

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Vox Civica, along with his Partners started the new ROMINKO project, by a Kick-off meeting in Hungary, at Pici Paci Porta, the mesmerizing location of HEEDA, a Hungarian organization deeply involved in the Roma



In the Vox Civica Association’s view, what it intends to achieve in order to meet its purpose and objectives for which it has been constituted, is to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities at a county, national and European level, so they be able to provide optimum conditions for all their members, in order to, each of them to achieve of their goals, in accordance with their own values, ideas and aspirations.




Our association’s vision of what it proposes to become in the coming years, and especially of the changes it has to meet, must answer the following question: What do we want to become?
Following the various debates within the organization that lead to developed the organization’s development strategy, the following response was identified:
– We want our organization to change the lives of as many people as possible, the development of the organization is not an end in itself, but the only way to bring more joy into the souls of our fellows;
For this vision to be feasible, our organization proposes the following:
– become the most important non-governmental organization at local and county level and one of the best-rated organizations at national level;
– to become a national brand in the field of non-governmental organizations;
– have maximum visibility in the non-governmental area.





The mission of our organization is very generous and addresses a very broad issue and should answer the following question: What does Vox Civica propose itself for this assumed mission to be fulfilled?
Synthesizing, our association aims to perform, at least, the following activities:
– support the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities at county, national and European level;
– to support the personal development of people belonging to vulnerable groups, able to ensure their conditions for affirmation of their own ideals, values ​​and aspirations;
– to support the personal development of children and young people with fewer opportunities;
– to promote and sustain tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity in multi-ethnic communities;


All the activities of our organization are based and respect on the following principles:
– tolerance;
– multiculturalism;
– non-discrimination;
– respect;
– equity; 
– principle; 
– responsibility; 
– law; 
– transparency; 
– competence; 
– professionalism; 
– efficiency;
– solidarity etc.
Vox Civica also advocates the promotion of recognized universal values ​​such as;
– freedom,
– dignity,
– equal opportunities,
and other unanimously acknowledged values.





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