Fonduri pentru firme. Programul Microindustrializare – 2018. Iată condițiile de accesare.

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Mici afaceri private vor putea obține și în în acest an fonduri nerambursabile de la stat de maximum 450.000 de lei fiecare, pentru investiții în făbricuțe, potrivit schemei de minimis pentru programul Microindustrializare 2018, publicate vineri în Monitorul Oficial. Ordinul Ministrului pentru mediul de afaceri nr. 955/2018 pentru aprobarea procedurii de implementare a schemei de minimis Microindustrializare

The „RomABC goes Europe!” project ended with an international colloquy!

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The project "RomABC goes Europe!" is over! After two years of implementation, September 2015 - August 2017, the project ended with an international colloquium attended, in addition to the representatives of the partners involved in the project, of several stakeholder representatives who supported us in implementing it, from all the countries involved . The final

Information activitiy with the participants to the moblities within „THRIVE” project

By |2018-07-08T12:38:57+03:00iulie 28th, 2017|Afaceri|

After signing the financing contract, Vox Civica started the implementation of the project "THRIVE". Partnership contracts have been signed with the school institutions involved, then has been carried out the selection of the participants according to the criteria established within the selection committee. After that, we proposed and they agreed to have a series

„THRIVE” – Vox Civica project on Mobility for Adult Education was selected for financing!

By |2018-07-08T12:38:09+03:00iulie 18th, 2017|Afaceri|

The "THRIVE" project, submitted by Vox Civica within Erasmus +, Key Action 1 - Adult Mobility, in the February session, was selected for funding! It is for the first time that our organization applies within Erasmus + Programme, with the strong support of our German partners, and wins! The project was submitted in a consortium,

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