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For those interested in engaging in volunteer activities, here are some considerations about such activities, from the Vox Civica perspective.




Choose no more than two of the reasons below and it is enough to decide! Come along to us and you will find the friendly atmosphere you search!

  • Because you like to help others;
  • Because you like to socialize, meet new people and places;
  • Because you like the challenges and you want to show what you can , what you know ;
  • Because you have a lot of free time and you want to do something useful;
  • Because you want to learn new things and, above all, to know more about the NGO sector;
  • Because you’re going through a difficult time and you need a change in your life.



Here are some of the advantages which volunteer activities can offer you, in all organizations you decide to practice volunteering!

  • It increases your self-esteem when you do good to others ;
  • Develops strong friendships and relationships with people of the same kind as you ;
  • It helps you grow personally, develop your skills and abilities they unsuspected, you may receive new knowledge;
  • It assures you spending time in a useful way, with special people ;
  • Can provide and document which can help you to prove your professional experience and / or specialty.



Due to the specificity of the activity of the Vox Civica Association, here are the most important activities that can be carried out voluntarily!

  • Secretarial and organizing events (checking and replying to electronic mail, drafting, multiplying , organizing and archiving documents , organizing press conferences, work-shops, meetings, etc. ) ;
  • Translation / retroversion and interpreting activities ;
  • Mentoring and tutoring activities for pupils and young people in the field of education, entrepreneurship and individual life skills ;
  • “After-school” activities for primary and secondary school students ;
  • Non-formal and informal educational activities;
  • Social counseling activities;
  • Counseling and mediation activities for the labor market;



Within Vox Civica assosciation you can develop your abilities, both theoretically and practically, the knowledge, skills and competencies in the following areas:

  • document editing techniques ;
  • writing applications for funding;
  • drafting reports, presentations, synthesis etc.;
  • achievement of budgets, primary accounting knowledge;public communication and advocacy techniques;
  • operating on a higher level with Office2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Adobe Acrobat, photo and video editing software, website creation and upgrading, etc.
  • communication in foreign languages;
  • social counseling, counseling about labor market, entrepreneurship, informal and non-formal education counseling;




As well, Vox Civica offers many possibilities to learn, to travel, to develop yourself, during your volunteering stage!

  • You will learn to plan and organize events (press conferences, various meetings, work-shops);
  • Also, you will learn to organize intern and abroad travels (online booking of airplane tickets, train tickets, booking of hotel rooms, events booking ) .
  • You will the opportunity to travel in many countries with which the organization has partnership relations; at the moment, the organization is involved in projects with partners from Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, France, Spain, Netherlands etc.
  • At the end of your stage, we will issue a document attesting your professional experience and / or specialty, in accordance with art. 10 par. 2 of Volunteering Law no. 78/2014;
  • In addition to these benefits, other skills and competences that can be more difficult to assess, such as socially-related relationing capacity, critical thinking and analysis, the ability to empathize with certain categories of people.



If you want to activate as volunteer in our organization, below, we present the some steps you have to do, as follow:

  • Contact us by e-mail to or or by phone to +40745021776 (Iosif);
  • Download, fill in in and re-send the registration form you can find on our website, here, or ask us to send you by e-mail a such form;
  • After that, we will establish a meeting face to face or by some online platforms (Skype, Zoom etc.) to discuss the conditions for concluding a voluntary contract;
  • Then we will prepare the volunteering contract and you will be invited to our office to sign it;
  • After that, together we will set uo the work schedule for at least a month.


  • Volunteers who carrying out their activity at the organization may benefit during that by snacks, water, juice, coffee; as a rule, an activity lasts no longer than 1-2 hours.
  • We should mention many activities above described can be achieved by volunteers straight from home but after having first established achieving procedures, face to face, with the representatives of Vox Civica or by phone or e-mail.
  • Also, during the travel both in the country or abroad , volunteers are provided with transportation, accommodation and meal throughout the events they attend, all free of charge.
  • If you want more detailed information, please contact us by phone or e-mail to establish a discussion.

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