In 14th October this year, the representative of the Vox Civica Association, attended to the information and counseling meeting in the field of adult education organized online (on the Zoom platform), by the National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Professional Training, with the institutions and organizations wich won the Erasmus + KA104 projects  session in February 2020.

We remind you that Vox Civica participated in the project submission session mentioned with the project “THRIVE II – Innovative staff training for high quality Roma education in the fields of literacy, validation of skills, entrepreneurship, motivation and European funding programs”, which was declared eligible for funding.

During the information and counseling meeting organized by ANPCDEFP, the following topics were addressed, according to the agenda, as follows:

  1. Details of technical and contractual documents
  2. Management of mobility projects
  3. Mandatory IT tools to access: Europass and Mobility Tool +

Each of the topics was presented by an expert on mobility projects in the field of schooling and adult education, the meeting taking place over three hours and enjoying a special interest from the participants.

After the meeting, we were sent by e-mail the PowerPoint presentations of the three experts as well as a series of other documents / templates needed during the implementation of the projects.

Now, we are waiting for the signing of the financing contracts by the involved parties, respectively the Vox Civica Association and ANPCDEFP, after which we will move on to the actual implementation of the project.

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