In 08th February the current year, Vox Civica Association, School Inspectorate of Buzău County and Forum Art Association organized an information and promotion event of two projects dedicated to the Roma minority in Buzău County: „RomABC – the new dimension”  and „Roma Health Care” , both of them within Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2 – Strategic partnerships. The applicant organizations of these projects are Kontakte fur Europe for „RomABC – the new dimension” project and Jugendstil for „Roma Health Care” project, both from Germany. In the projects are involved, also, as Partners, organizations from Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The event was organized with the suport of the Buzău Prefecture in the location put at our disposal by the Buzău County Counciland, hereby, we want to thank to them. To this event attended more than 30 people representing both institutions or public authorities (Labour County Agency, Public  Health Direction, Buzău Prefecture, Buzau County Council etc.) as well as Roma leaders, school mediators, health mediators and social workers, teachers. During the meeting, were presented the most important aspects of the projects such as: the objectives, the main activities and, most important, the results of the projects. After the presentation, followed a session of discussions in which  the participants expressed their opinions concerning some aspects of the projects. The most important for us were the points of view of the Roma leaders as well as of the representatives of the public authorities.

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