During the implementation of the “THRIVE” project, Vox Civica managed to save money almost at all of the budget chapters (organizational support, individual support and transport). The decision of the association was that the saved amounts to be used for organizing of more additional mobilities, after obtaining the agreement from the National Agency.
Thus, we decided to chosed the offer made by a training provider from Valencia (Spain) Esmovia – Training and Mobility. In this case we sent three of the most active members of our organization, to attend to this training: Mădălina Matache, Oana Roxana Panait and Claudiu Călin.
Our organization has opted to achieve these additional mobility within the course „Building team spirit within organizations / institutions” because the organization’s needs as defined in the application can be met by:
– developing the linguistic skills of its members;
– raising awareness and understanding for other cultures (also, a team from Lithuania will participate in this course);
– working in a European team;
– familiarizing with the use of European concepts, practices and standards in the field of non-governmental activities;
– participation in mobility projects is advantageous because the participants will transfer the European idea into their daily work and will ensure the European orientation of the organization in an active way.
In this context, Vox Civica members who attended in the course will use the skills and experience gained during the course for interacting with the people who need our support for solving their issues and also, in the organization’s current activities.
We also believe that participating in this training will lead to a better understanding of the values of our association, but also to the loyalty and attachment of the members to the organization, understanding this as a reward for their involvement so far, but also as their motivation to participate in the implementation of future projects.

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