Taking into account the expertize of our organization in the field of Roma issues, our Partner in Germany, Jugendstil eV, proposed and Vox Civica accepted to become Support Partner of Forum Art Association in Buzău, in the implementation of the „Roma Health Care” project. This project has as Coordinator the mentioned German organization and is implemented alongside with partners from Hungary, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria and, of course, Romania. In Romania, more precisely, in Buzău County the partner of implementation is Forum Art and, as we mentioned, Vox Civica, as Support partner.
The aim of the project is to perform a radiography of the level of health of Roma people in communities from Buzău County. This activity will be done by applying some questionnaires among Roma population, questionnaires drafted and adapted to the specificities of each Roma minority within Partner countries.
Besides, we will organize some meetings with Roma people in the most important Roma comunities in Buzău County, at which will participate some specialized doctors for inform the participants about the specific risks of the illnesses in the cold season and specific to to poor communities such as, hepatitis (illness known as „illness of dirty hands”), tuberculosis etc.
The role of Vox Civica in this project is to support Forum Art Association to penetrate in the foreseen communities and to organize the meetings with Roma people.

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