Taking into account our wish, to develop the activities of the organization in the Youth area, we decided to apply for be selected  to participate to an workshop organized by Romanian National Agency which manage Erasmus+ programme, ANPCDEFP, of which aim was to prepare the potential applicants for writing applications in Youth field.

Our application was selected so, between 15th -17th September 2017, the chairman of Vox Civica attended to the workshop „Writing Projects in Youth Mobility, in Tîrgoviște.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide an appropriate framework for personalized interaction and support to complete the design phase and to complete an Erasmus + mobility project application form. In the workshop, they alternated the individual working steps on the application form with the group discussion stages and clarifying the specific questions of the participants.

Concerning the results of the course, the organizers proposed themselves to produce the following changes on the participants, such as:

– the participants to have an increased understanding of the Erasmus + program and Key Action 1 – mobility projects for innovation and exchange of good practice and the Youth domain.

– to have increased capabilities to correctly and fully complete the Erasmus + mobility application form.

– to have an increased motivation to submit Erasmus + mobility projects.



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