The last flow of mobility within the “THRIVE” was planned to start in 08th September. On this date, the last group of participants, including both representatives of the school institutions and Vox Civica members, went to Kiskunhalas (Hungary).
The theme of the training course was „Competence Balance for Roma – a training designed to develop the skills and knowledge of participants to assess formal and non-formal skills and abilities of the students with whom they work, especially Roma students.
For six days, two teachers from the two school units ( Frone Valentina from the Technological High School “Crafts and Services” and Dogaru Mădălina fromTechnological High School “Dimitrie Filipescu”) and three members of Vox Civica, Frățilă Geanina and Zidărescu Florin, teachers also, and Anca Daniela Codreanu, student, along with other participants from Germany, attended to the this training.
During the training, we have set up with the participants how to monitor the activities so there is a real feed-back on the main aspects of mobility such as accommodation and meals, leisure activities and, of course, the actual training .
Participants were asked during the training to wear, as far as possible, the t-shirts and caps made in the project and take pictures, thus dressed, next to the roll-up dedicated to the event, fo andr use them in promotional activities and, of course, for final reports.

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