Thanks to the successful work of our German partners, who we consider as our friends, a new project in the field of alphabetization and combating illiteracy among Roma people was approved and just started at the beginning of September.

The project was submitted in the session of March 2017 within Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships.

Having as partners organizations and institutions from Germany, Hungary, Romania and Greece, the project continues, at a higher level, the philosophy of the previous project, „RomABC goes Europe”.

Taking into account the social evolution of these times, when the learning motivation decreased at an alarming level, the implementation of the project will be a real challange for all the partners. Our task  will be to ellaborate the best intellectual products, understandable for the illiterate Roma people, and to have the power to atract them into the project activities.

We hope, knowing the specificities of Roma people in Romania, to take into account the real needs of Roma and to develop the most appropriate tools for reducing the illiteracy among them.

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