The project “RomABC goes Europe!” is over! After two years of implementation, September 2015 – August 2017, the project ended with an international colloquium attended, in addition to the representatives of the partners involved in the project, of several stakeholder representatives who supported us in implementing it, from all the countries involved .
The final act took place in Plauen, a city in the Free State of Saxony (Germany) – where is the residence of the applicant organization, Kontakte fur Europe – between 11 – 13 August 2017.
The colloquium entitled “Quo vadis alphabetisation?” wanted to be an identification of the threats that await us, but also an alarm on the increasing number of functional illiterate people who, due to this deficiency, can all the more difficult to access the labor market.
From the participants’ speeches, it it turned obvious for us that, within the current education system, will be increasingly difficult to have an acceptable number of functional illiterate people.
The most difficult issue has been mentioned as being the large number of Roma people who are not only functional illiterates, much more than the majority population, but are very much illiterate altogether, lacking any ability to write or reading.
Therefore, it was decided that this type of illiteracy projects would be largely funded so that a new version of the project named “RomABC – the next dimension” was selected for funding for the period 2017-2019.

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