After signing the financing contract, Vox Civica started the implementation of the project “THRIVE”. Partnership contracts have been signed with the school institutions involved, then has been carried out the selection of the participants according to the criteria established within the selection committee.
After that, we proposed and they agreed to have a series of meetings for mobility preparations, as set out in the application.
Taking into account the specificity of the project, mobility participants have expressed their interest in knowing more about the Roma in general, but also about the Roma community in Buzau municipality.
In this respect, Vox Civica prepared a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting the main historical issues concerning the origins and migration of Roma, the relevant aspects of the Roma culture and traditions, as well as a presentation of the personalities recognized as Roma, all over the world.
To this activity were invited almost all the teachers from the two partner institutions within the consortium, who were delighted with the presentation and the many aspects about the Roma who were unknown until then for them.
After the presentation, a series of practical aspects of mobility were discussed, such as travel to Hungary, travel insurance, obligations of mobility participants, etc. Participants from both school institutions and selected Vox Civica members to participate in mobility, to prepare information about the institutions they represent, in PowerPoint format, which will be presented to participants from other countries on the occasion of mobility .

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