The “THRIVE” project, submitted by Vox Civica within Erasmus +, Key Action 1 – Adult Mobility, in the February session, was selected for funding! It is for the first time that our organization applies within Erasmus + Programme, with the strong support of our German partners, and wins!
The project was submitted in a consortium, including the “Dimitrie Filipescu” Technological High School and the “Crafts and Services” Technological Highschool, both located in Buzau Municipality.
In the application, it was proposed to carry out 18 mobilities for the staff of the three partners in the consortium’s car but, after evaluation, the financing of 14 of the proposed ones was approved.
The main objectives of these mobilities, as mentioned in the application, are:
– acquiring specific knowledge of participants in the field of literacy and assessment of formal and informal skills of students through innovative learning and teaching offers;
– Improving the language skills of participants;
– increasing the skills to identify the specific needs of Roma students in the planning and preparation of didactic activities;
– increasing understanding for other cultures and peoples;
– exchanges of experience and best practices with educators from other European countries.
In the near future, the activities specific to mobility projects will start, such as the selection of participants from the staff of the partners, their preparation (expectations and results, information on the locations and conditions in which the mobility will take place, practical travel issues, etc.) and the familiarization of the participants with the specificities of the Roma minoritiy in Romania.

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